Managing finance, growth and capitalizing on investment opportunities are arguably the most important component of any business.

  • To overcome the same, banks have come up with products like Business Loans
  • Business Loan is used for expanding, modernizing or improving small to medium scale businesses


Types of Bank Loans for Business

Short-Term Loans:
Short-term loans are very similar to the regular term loans. However, the difference lies in the payment tenure. You will have to repay the debt over a shorter period of time when you go for a short-term loan. Some lenders offer smaller amounts with short-term loans that come with a tenure ranging between 3 months and 18 months.

Business Line of Credit:Both online lenders and traditional banks can offer revolving lines of credit to you that can be utilised whenever you need financial assistance for your business.

Equipment Financing:You may use an equipment loan for financing the cost of buying new equipment that will be required in your business. The equipment will be used as collateral for the loan.

Business Credit Cards:
This s not a business loan technically. However, business credit cards can be used to finance your business. Your personal finances and business related finances will remain separate when you use a credit card specifically designed for your business needs. You can also build business credit by using this card and then earn great rewards and cashback on the purchases that you make.

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